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10 Ways SEO can Improve Brand Image of your Business

Now that the world is continuously transitioning to online businesses, you need to find innovative and relatively inventive ways to compete and stay afloat in a highly competitive online market. There are many things you can do – from comprehensible social media plans to beautiful, well-made websites. Although those can help you yield tremendous results, SEOs, or search engine optimization can take it one step further in helping you succeed even more. 

What is search engine optimization?

For those unaware, search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing a website’s content through various keywords. Since search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo utilize a specific algorithm, adding relevant keywords and phrases and repeating them enough times will be able to help you reach the top spot of any search engine’s results page. 


Though it might not seem like much, reaching the top spot does a more relevant business today. Businesses aren’t the only thing that is slowly transitioning online nowadays; both the consumers and a business’s target market would. And with an average of 5.6 billion Google searches recorded every day, you can bet that optimizing your brand’s web page to reach the top spots of search engines will help your brand image by tenfold. 


The top 10 ways SEO can improve your business’ brand image by tenfold


With the basic premise of SEO explained, here are ten ways a well-made SEO can help your business. With a stroke of luck, these might even help you reach your business goal in a way you never imagined was possible, too!


1.) Increases brand reach


Though it might be an obvious cliche, SEOs are an effective way for you to increase your brand’s reach in a way you never expected. 


As mentioned earlier, an average of 5.6 billion Google searches are done every day globally. Reaching the top spot would mean that more people are visiting your website and would help you gain visibility too. Though that might already be outlined above, online visibility will effectively help your brand image reach more people over time


2.) Promotes positive brand image


An SEO can help you improve your brand’s reach and help you promote a positive brand image in the long run! Create keywords that would help leave a lasting impression on your audiences and help establish your brand with a positive image. This way, you can rest assured that not only are you reaching Google’s top spot but are also creating a positive image for your brand at the same time. 


3.) Establish your brand’s authority


Google does not simply place a web page at the top of the results using keywords alone; the search engine giant would also consider if your brand delivers an excellent user experience and a fantastic response time and effectiveness. This, in turn, will help people learn and know that your brand can be trusted and is a reliable source. 


4.) An inexpensive way to promote your brand


Since SEO mainly revolves around creating and catering relevant content to reach a search engine’s top spot, you would not need to dispense a lot of money if you play your cards right. Although you would still need to pay for professionals to apply it to your current brand properly, the ROI (Return of Investment) will reassure you that it is indeed money well-spent. When push comes to shove, an SEO will be more than helpful if you want to create leads without paying as much money as you usually would. This would prove to be advantageous, especially when you’re running a small business.


5.) Help you target niche audiences


An effective SEO will not just be able to help you reach your target market – it can help you reach a broader market, including niche ones that you never thought was possible. When push comes to shove, narrowing down your keywords would be able to help you reach audiences you never expected  too.


6.) Help you reach an international audience


Though it might seem like a difficult task, worry not – a well-made SEO that has reached the top spot of any search engine will be for the entire world to see! This is great for smaller businesses that need all the help they could work to grow even more. 


7.) A form of social proof


For those unaware, social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people are more easily concerned to do a specific action once others have done the same. In a way, SEO is a form of social proof – since many people (and Google) have put your business on the top, that means that people could trust your brand. 


8.) Ensures top-caliber content


Reaching the top of any search engine’s top spot will reassure people that your content is undoubtedly the best one that there is. This is yet another form of social proof at play – people would place their trust in your brand when you are at the very top of the search results.


9.) An organic way to generate leads


There are two types of leads: paid and organic leads. Paid leads are when an advertiser would pay for the lead generated on their website, and organic leads are people who have stumbled across your website in various ways. When push comes to shove, organic leads would be better in the long run since they are more likely to purchase your service in the long run. 


10.) Increases your brand’s recognition


Now that everything is digitized, brand recognition has become more of a challenge. However, reaching Google’s top spot will be able to help people identify your brand as a reliable source of whatever it was they were looking for.


The takeaway


There are thousands of ways to succeed in today’s highly competitive online world. But, not all of them will prove to be a resounding success 100% of the time. You can resort to time-tested techniques such as rebranding or white labeling. Or you were maybe trying out social media marketing for your brand. 


However, one thing remains the same: nowadays, Google reigns supreme among the internet. Fully utilizing all of Google’s services would help you gain sizable leverage and help you gain more audience than you ever imagined. However, that would only happen if you play your cards right. 


That is where SEO would come into play—utilizing a search engine’s algorithm and using it for your gain? It sounds like the perfect recipe for success.


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