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A2 Hosting-Consistent-Reliable +Bonus Tips 2022

A2Hosting is very consistent and reliable. I have had A2hosting for two years  and have yet to have a delay  in the website

A2Hosting  is definitely on the cheaper side while offering excellent performance even though other hosting companies like GoDaddy are cheaper.

A2Hosting offers free website migration with every plan and an awesome refund policy. If you have a live website and it is hosted with another hosting provider that you are unhappy with, you can buy a plan from A2Hosting fill out the forum and A2Hosting will make sure your website is migrated within 3 to 5 days. having a knowledgeable person to perform the migration will minimize the risk of failure.

A2Hosting plan plus a domain is 39.92 plus you will receive an SSL certificate  FREE. An SSL certificate is that little green lock next to your domain name.BlueHost is higher but you receive an SSL certificate free. Siteground is a bit the highest of the two and offers a Free SSL certificate, GoDaddy usually has promotions but no SSL certificate.

A2 Hosting has a very flexible refund policy, refunded within 30 days and you will get the full amount. After 30 days you can still receive a refund instead of the full amount you get paid for what is left on your plan. If had two years left on your plan after one year you would get a refund for the used portion of the plan. this shows that hosting can provide competitive services.

WordPress Turbo Plan is less desirable because the costs you money. Use free plugins like Jetpack, and WP super cache. Please make sure you have a fresh WordPress client installed. Add some free plugins Us GT matrix to test the loading speed again. the directs me to recommend the A2Hosting middle plan instead of the turbo one. Turbo will not be a big difference even with heavy traffic, this is the best solution for you.

Support can mean the difference between success and true failure. Treating your access is valuable for future results, access is the key to different types of hosting problems. Test support by calling two or three times to get a feel for how long it takes for them to answer. When you make contact ask specific questions about the service if they don’t receive a response that you desire hangup and till you get the person that has the knowledge base to answer your questions.

Conclusion- I have had A2Hosting for my sites for 2 years without ANY sites going down or hacked. If you already have a website migration is free. I am 97% sure they will cherish your business for a long time.

Up to 20X Faster

Tips to follow to make sure that you have covered all your Bases

1. How much does a domain cost and why?

2. I registered my domain name.Now what?

3. How to Launch your website

4. Adding themes

After completing setting up your choosing a theme is critical a prompting your company. Make sure you have a clear explanation of what you are offering. Please review the video below, to give you tips on the process.





If you need any assistance please contact me on FACEBOOK OR MY WEBSITE. If you have any questions bout your journey please feel free to contact me.

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