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May 26, 2016
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BlueHost has been my choice since 2009

Bluehost has many has many in depth details that are good to know before you get started. I cannot believe I have used Bluehost since 2009. I cannot honestly say that their has not been bumps in the road throughout my journey with Bluehost. A number of factors have influenced me to stay with bluehost, four of them that have helped my decision.

1. The the 24/7 customer service, if I had a problem we could get through it or I would hangup and call back to ge another more knowledgeable person.
A chat box is also available to answer questions.I only used the chat box for
simple questions nothing complex.

2. I kept backups of all sights but If their was a problem I could count on the backups that Bluehost maintained.( If you are using WordPress it is for sure that at some point you will get hacked.) Go back a couple week when you make your last post or entry and restore at that point,should do the trick.

3. Other hosting services cannot claim the speed of their websites. Bluehost from my experience, I have never complained about the speed of the site.

4. Free SSL Certificate,directly added to your website,when I signed up in 2009 this feature was an extra charge,so I am happy to see this is available FREE. The “http” in the front of the website has a little icon so you see that their information is encrypted and safe. This also means SSL encrypts passwords. credit card info,securing your website is a sign of being trustworthy,what every sight should have. Bluehost for any reason you did not like for the first 30 days you can cancel and get your money back from Bluehost

Obtain the correct price for the service is key,through my explanation I hope to make that clear in order to get the correct plan for you. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK below ,then check the website for the cheapest price. You should be able to find $2.95.This special price is only available at curtain times per year.when it becomes available grab it,or just pay the $3.95 it,it is only one dollar more a month.

WordPress is a very popular with bloggers and website builders, so it goes along with one of the most oldest hosting companies ( established in 2003).It was a very smart move from the beginning to partner with Bluehost. If you decided to get setup with bluehost, WordPress setup is included with Bluehost so you can setup your website. Below is a extensive video,that will demonstrate,installation with many popular tips for your success.

Many questions have been continued to pop-up,so I suggest that you take this process in steps.I know when I started I watched alot of videos and wrote down tips and suggestions that would help in the process.If I got stuck or did not know the answer I would place a simple question in the chat box. If that did not work I would call support, great way to see how fast they answer the phone. Bluehosts library of video tutorials will give you the step by step knowledge that you need to proceed.

When choosing a domain I always recommend using a .com,especially when google recognizes them first. When using a .com it differentiates it from other .coms and is great for business,customer have little or no question that this a trusted site for business.

From a beginners point of view ,the very first thing to do is choose a domain,(if you are a beginner choosing the basic plan give less hassle and you can change it much easier if you need to.After choosing your domain you will be directed to the next page “Create a new domain” under create a new domain place in your choose and let us see if it is available. You might want to do some Keyword Search first to make sure you are using keywords that would also be used in your blog posts for the correct google optimization. After selecting your domain move to next and fill in all your detailed information.Next, go to package Information ( for beginners I suggest you choose 12 month package),fits better in the budget and if you want a refund later you can choose one. Next,VERY IMPORTANT under package extras make sure you UNCLICK sitelock security, codeguard basic and bluehost SEO tools start. At this point you do not need these options,you want to keep your costs low. Just do not OVERLOOK this section. Please just uncheck these options.Just focus on building your own website.

Bluehost states on their website about introductory prices.”Introductory prices apply to the first term. Money-back guarantee applies to hosting and domain privacy. All plans and products automatically renew unless you cancel. The renewal will be for the same term length and at the regular rates reflected in your Control Panel. The payment method you provide today, or we have on file, will be used for renewals, unless you change it or cancel. You may cancel at any time by logging into your account online.”

Enclosed is my referral link if you choose to join I will receive a slight commission.



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