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Content Inventory Can Improve your Conversions

Have you tried different techniques on how to improve your conversions? Well, what this article will give you is a trick that only a few knows. If you heard about content inventory, you might say, “it’s just the compilation of your website’s content and data.” You are missing the point here. Making content inventory assists you in improving your conversion rate. Stick around and read this article thoroughly to get the answers you are looking for.

What is Content Inventory?

It is simple to understand a content inventory, but it is tricky to create one, especially if your website is already extensive. In the simplest term, a content inventory is a database where all your content lists, web apps, blog posts, forms, landing pages, etc., are compiled and stored into one file. Commonly it is organized and composed in spreadsheet software, either Excel or Google Sheets. It is mainly composed of texts, images, links, and other essential data in your website’s content.

Components of Content Inventory

·         Website and Webpage URL

·         Topic

·         Titles/ Meta Titles

·         Meta Descriptions

·         Dates

·         Backlinks

·         Content Type

·         Affiliates

·         Key Shareholders

Purpose of Content Inventory

There are many purposes why a business or website requires to have content inventory. It could serve as a reference when you need to reconstruct your website, have lists that will provide visuals for your content, or provide specific information for your website content auditors. Only a few folks know that content inventory can also improve your conversions. They thought that content inventory is all about website crawling and such. It increases your conversion over some time if you have done it right.

How Content Inventory Improve Your Conversions

First things first, you need to keep in mind the goals you want to achieve. If you want to increase your conversion through content inventory, do the proper methods. 

For more profound information, content inventory is collecting all your website content data, the process of listing all those pieces of vital information. The next step you need to do is to create a content audit from the data you collect from the content inventory to improve your conversion.

Doing a content inventory and transforming it into a valuable content audit is a powerful tool to upgrade your conversion. As you work on your content audit, you determine all your website’s strengths and weaknesses. You will get all the metrics needed in defining your progress and insights. You can track all the contents, affiliates, backlinks, leads, purchased products, inquiries, sales, and everything that drives traffic to your website. This way, you can know the things you need to work on and the elements that work for you. Compute your conversion rate and ROI, and address all the flaws and optimize your strengths.

Tips on Creating Content Inventory and Content Audit

Use Softwares

To make the work easier, use software and applications to help you finish the work in one snap. You can use SEO tools and metric tools, anything that gives data for your audit. Here are some software and applications you can use.

·         Screaming Frog

·         Semrush

·         Long-Tail Pro

·         Google Analytics

·         Buzzsumo Content Inventory Tool

·         SEO Site Check-Up

Create A Comprehensive Report

Creating a report about what you got from all the inventory and audits will help you track your progress over time. It will also give you records on the data that might help you and your team in the future. It will be easier for you and your team to devise content marketing strategies.

Make It As Often As Possible

Tracking your progress and performance will put you on the right path. You can quickly notice if your website is not doing well or not. Regardless of the performance, you can easily make a course of action.

Many new entrepreneurs are not paying attention to the fact that content inventory is as crucial as making efforts on social media marketing. You can not solve what you do not know. In which content inventory and content audit give you all the information on your website, tells the issues, and suggest a quick solution right at your face. It also discovers your website’s potencies and, again, gives suggestions and ideas on optimizing those. It was never too late to give it a shot and raise your conversion rates with a content inventory.

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