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September 20, 2021
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September 22, 2021


Writing and adding seasonal articles can be challenging, but it’s not because of deadline pressure. But because of the ideas for articles and stories on the occasions themselves. It is always best to write as early as possible, but days before the publication comes out, it is never too soon either usually, after the season has passed. The key to having your article published on time is planning and pitching your material way before you need it. The great idea is to pitch your content earlier than necessary so that any given piece of work can go through its editing stages more than once. Just in case something you had thought valuable doesn’t work for editorial reasons – which happens surprisingly more often than we would like to admit!

You might wonder how you go about doing it.

There are different reasons for content seasonality, and while some write it to add value to their blog-marketing strategy, others use it as a means of outreach. In fact, “seasonal content” is also referred to as “feature pieces” because they include relevant information not only on an ongoing basis but also timely.

Simple. See to it that you know your audience. What makes individuals happy, nostalgic, concerned, or even sad is the source of their happiness, nostalgia, concern, or sadness. Consider what you can do for them that will enhance their positive emotions or reduce their negative ones.

Originality is also vital. Take a look at what’s already been done and try something new if you’re writing a seasonal post.

Season articles may be similar to writing any other blog post; here are a few best practices, tips, and tricks to help you nail every piece.

Proper Timing

It would help if you had enough time to ideate, create, edit, optimize, and promote your blog post. A Valentine post won’t do you much good if you publish it on January! If you plan to make seasonal content last minute, you’ll miss the chance to make an impact. 

Know Your Competitors

Use a few searches to find the most popular articles from your competitors related to seasonal or holiday themes. Then, try creating a unique content plan that uses those ideas as inspiration for your own.

Think Relevance

Sometimes annual festivals will overlap, and we can squeeze them all into one month – but not every festival comes along every year. And don’t forget: if you put a blog out at the beginning of February, and it’s only really relevant on Valentine’s Day, you’re unlikely to get many shares or attention. Your customers might be engaging on that particular day – but they may not remember your next clever post about Battenberg cake if it arrives ten days later! How can you write blogs at the right time for your customers? Find out which of your posts matter most to them – and plan future content around their needs and interests so you stay front-of-mind.

Do not focus on the same ideas

Before you ask customers what kind of content they want to read, identify the different kinds of content, you would like to share. Examples include emails, Instagram stories or Facebook stories, or even quick Snapchat videos. Then you can utilize one (or more) of your social media channels like an email newsletter, an Instagram story post, etc. When asking for feedback, it’s essential to set some guidelines to know the right direction to steer their suggestions.

Don’t be too aggressive

Customers are very savvy nowadays. Blog readers can easily pick up on a significant goal of driving sales. Promotion should never come across as crass, but be tactful instead. When customers are happy with your content, it’s great to let them know that some collaboration or brand partnerships are available. If customers can take advantage of some sponsored products, they would otherwise not have access to, they will hopefully come back more often! Always make sure you provide value, though!

Be structured to your blog

Pay attention to headers. Ensure that your article is well organized. People have even less time to read articles around holidays, so make it easy for them to digest. Remember, you also want to keep in mind that structure comes into play when it comes to SEO especially keeping key search terms in headings within your content whenever possible.

Some things are best expressed through the changing of the seasons. For all you writers out there, the above are just a few techniques to create successful content for your blog. Content is what is going to be at the center of your blog strategy, so maximize that.

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