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SEO 101: Are Backlinks Still Important in 2021?

Despite the drawbacks caused by the pandemic, the digital industry still thrives up to this day. We all know that the competition is stiff, and it’s essential for you to have exceptional marketing strategies to get ahead of your competitors. As a digital marketer, it’s always our goal to drive traffic into our website, magnet potential leads, and then turn them into our customers. And we’re often deceived by them and come to a point where we forget the traditional ways. However, as the digital industry continues to improve, different marketing strategies emerge. Which sometimes leverage the chances of driving traffic to our site. One of them is through getting an inbound link or backlinks.


What are Backlinks?

Inbound Links, Incoming Links, or Backlinks build a connection from one website to a page on another website. They are one of the existing keys to a better SEO score despite the changes in the algorithm in the past years. Backlinking helps websites to generate more traffic, build credibility and authority on different search engines. This SEO technique makes your website rank on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. In short, the more backlinks you have connected to your website, the more traffic you’ll garner.

It would help if you took note that not all backlinks are good. Search engines are so powerful that they can detect which source or link is more valuable than the other. Hence, you should ensure that your backlinks are relevant to the website source, have higher domain authority, and stand out among other links. As a marketer, you should focus on building quality backlinks, which are trusted by the search engines and the users.


5 Benefits of Building Backlinks in 2021

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is a continuous industry. What works, for now, doesn’t guarantee it will work the same way after several years. Also, there are many changes made in the internet algorithm that turn things obsolete. Thankfully, backlinking survived these changes and still manages to leverage traffic to websites up to this day. Here are five reasons why you should build backlinks:

1. They Improve Your SEO Performance

When search engines identified that a page in your website is connected to another website, they mark you as a reliable site where users can get reliable information. Search engines work that way, so the quality and quantity of backlinks you have on other sites is a huge factor that affects your overall SEO performance.

2. Increase Your Referral Traffic

Search engines are not the only traffic source, and sometimes they come from referral links of contents. Currently, social media is the number one source of referral traffic as they are all accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Referral traffics also acts as an external source which also adds value to your website. Making you an official page then eventually improves your SEO rank.

3. Backlinks are Low-Key Advertisements

In backlinking, you are not just going to copy-paste a link then post it on another site. Your backlinking strategy should be relevant, of good quality, and worthy of posting on a business owner’s site or page. It’s not the quantity but the quality of backlinks that should be highly considered to get assurance that you’ll generate high traffic. Think of backlinking as a free advertisement.

4. Provide You With Long Term Visibility

The internet is a massive database of links and resources that grows infinitely as time goes by. However, if your webpage got linked to a website with high traffic, it will secure your visibility and online presence for the years to come. Being connected to reputable directories that ranked first on Google’s SERP gives you more chances of organic traffic and sales conversion.

5. Helps with Faster Indexing

Web crawlers or search engine bots work like a spider that crawls on different websites to store information for the search engine. These web crawlers indexed all the contents on the internet so that reliable websites or webpages can appear on the search engine. If your website does not have any backlinks, the web spider will take time to discover and index your information.


The Takeaway

We always want to hop on the trend and try new strategies to get ahead of the curve. Nevertheless, we have a common goal: to be visible on the first page of SERP. As we try new things, it comes to our knowledge that mastering a new technique takes time. And while you’re studying for your next move, a competitor is already ahead of you. Take advantage of the classics and the techniques you’re already good at, like building links. Backlinking has passed the test of time and is still as vital as it was years ago.

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