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October 4, 2021
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October 14, 2021

Top 5 Reasons To Use A VPN

With the prolific use of the internet for everyone, the need to secure your connection is now more critical than ever. After all, the threat of cyber terrorism has become more prolific and sophisticated over time. More than that – the personal information that you fill out on the websites that you visit can be more than compromised, too. Remember, browsing the internet would entail what can be considered as a “digital footprint” – or a digital representation of the websites that you’ve visited along with your IP Address, too. Although even with that in mind, how do you protect your personal information and your digital footprint? Simple – with the help of a VPN, of course!

Firstly, what is a VPN, and how can it help you?

VPN, or a virtual private network, is a program that would help you have a secure browsing experience by establishing a private network from a public internet connection. Though VPNs are mainly used when accessing public networks as it ensures that your data is secure, it’s also helpful when accessing sites that you might not have access to.

For example, the PRC (People’s Republic of China) has banned social media giant Facebook and its messaging app Messenger in Hong Kong during the protest that occurred last year. The people of Hong Kong then found that using deep web applications mixed with the use of VPN has helped them communicate with each other and create a more detailed game plan.

Though the Hong Kong example might seem to be an extreme example, it’s a perfect example of just how valuable a VPN is for your daily use. It can help protect you from whatever eyes might be prying into whatever you might be doing at the moment. Though some might react that it’s similar to putting a hat on a hat, remember that having a hat on a hat is better than having none in the first place. And that’s precisely why you need it – a VPN can help you protect yourself from online attacks that await you on every corner of the internet.

Top 5 reasons to use (and buy) a VPN

Now that you’re well-informed and well-versed on what a VPN does in all of its wonders, you might be interested in getting one. Here are five good and solid reasons for you to use a VPN for every use! Be it personally or for professional use. A VPN will reap more benefits than it might seem.

1.   ) Allows you to share files more privately.

Using public wifi and sharing files will prove to be a fatal mistake than you may think – after all, files shared over a public network can be intercepted and be tampered with. Using a VPN can help you share your files confidently and confidentially in the long run.

2.) Protects your data from government snooping

It might sound like a conspiracy theory at first, but the thought of the government tracking all of your movement and browsing history is the fact that everyone knows. After all, tracking every person’s browsing activity can be justified as “a matter of public safety.” In the broadest sense, a VPN can help you bypass that and protect yourself from government snooping.

3.) Find more engaging content from other countries.

A VPN can hook your device and give you access to content that might otherwise be banned in your country. Though it might not sound like much, streaming giants Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube sometimes limit their content per country as the content might violate its laws. A VPN will bypass that and give you access to all the content you have been looking for. Additionally, it can also help you connect to Facebook if you’re visiting Mainland China as the social media giant is currently still banned in the country,

4.) Helps you browse privately without incognito.

Yes, even when it comes to connecting to public networks. Any web browser’s incognito mode is not a surefire way to cover up your digital footprint – it can only hide your browsing history. The addition of a VPN ensures that you can cover up your data usage while helping you protect your data browsing all at the same time.

5.) Protects you from targeted ads.

You might find it surprising to find out that your ISP and the government aren’t the only ones that are tracking your data – the sites you visit does the same thing, too. Google and Facebook are two of the most guilty of these. These websites collect your data which will then help create targeted ads that the algorithm believes can help you better yourself in the long run. As mentioned above, a VPN ensures that you’re hiding your digital tracks – and that carries over to other websites, too. A VPN and an AdBlock extension can help you create an ad-free browsing experience that’s as smooth as it is efficient

In Conclusion:

When push comes to shove, the need to secure your internet connection has become more of a need rather than a want. Although a VPN might seem like a relatively expensive option which can be useless if you’re the type of person that stays at home, trust us when we say that it really isn’t; after all, it’s your security that’s being compromised. And that – in the broadest sense – is why you’ll need to have a VPN: It’s an added layer of protection that can benefit you in the long run, too. Remember, the internet would only start to get harsher as time goes on – and having a VPN will be sure to keep you secure as times go on, too.

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