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September 13, 2021
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What Type of Content Ranks Best for Google

Online presence is everything for businesses nowadays. The internet is a vast marketplace where thousands of potential clients move along each day. Being known and accessible online are significant competitive advantages over competitors. Especially during the pandemic, customers will find businesses by searching on the best search engines available. And when we are talking about search engines, Google is the most prevalent platform out there. The tech giant has acquired 70 percent of the world’s search engine, as it manages more than 3 billion pages a day.


Google Is The Search Engine King

There are multiple reasons why you should consider getting your content into Google. It is quicker, preferred by many, and more relevant than other search engines. It owns almost 90 percent of searches worldwide, and it provides reliable results by regularly updating its search algorithms.

If you have a small business, you might wonder if Google is also the best for you. The quick answer is yes! Google uses Geo-location targeting that enables users to have localized results. And if they found your business’s services in the top results near their place, there is a high chance that they’ll avail from your establishment. Easy sales!


Best Content For Google

Since Google is the most dominant search engine available, businesses have been against fighting each other for years to get into Google’s top rankings. They aim to reach their target markets and audiences in a matter of seconds with the help of the internet. And it would be best if you took advantage of it too. In the next part of this blog, we’ll discuss the best type of content for Google. Here are they:


1. Blogs: If your website still doesn’t have blogs, you’re indeed implementing content marketing ineffectively. Blogging is a way of building your brand name and setting your company as an industry leader in your chosen field. You can also make engaging blogs about your products and services to keep your visitors aware of your offerings.


2. Video: The demand for video content is rapidly increasing. Almost 90 percent of marketing experts use video as their marketing tool, and more than half of customers expect video content from their favorite brands.


3. Infographics: Google sure loves visual representations. Infographics do not only do good in Google results, but they are also a powerful communication tool designed to effectively convey messages through a combination of data, pictures, and graphs.


4. How-to Guides: People commonly search for instructions online, and one of the best type of content to provide them with are how-to guides. You may produce these guides to instruct them on using your product, address concerns, and any clarifications about your services.


5. Lists: Many people find lists very engaging and fun to read! You can make a detailed list of tips and tricks about a particular topic related to your business. It may also be a list of why your company is ahead of its competition.


6. Trending Content: It is undeniable that trends do not last long enough, but they can surely give your company and content instant fame or a sudden surge in website traffic.


With this type of content, timing is very significant. You want to insert your company’s value into hot topics by finding an angle relevant to your brand. 

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