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Why Do Decisions Cause Paralysis?

Did you know that some folks suffer from what they call “decision paralysis?” It is also sometimes called “choice paralysis” or “analysis paralysis.” It happens when someone is put upfront to decide for something or something and unable to generate any decision. Decision paralysis can happen to anyone, anywhere, and for the simplest reason. People can get decision paralysis over simple matters like choosing ice cream flavors and where to eat over multiple diner and restaurants. It usually occurs to people when they need to choose over something with various options that are alike or closely similar and related. It is so bad that a person chooses nothing between the options or does nothing and not choosing anything. It drained their energy so much that they don’t want to continue anymore.


How Come Decisions Cause Paralysis?

People are always deciding and constantly thinking. The decision comes up whenever something is needed to do, say something, or just whatever. People’s capacity to make decisions are different, like how different thoughts everyone’s brain generates. The decisions, no matter how big or small that matter is. It makes the brain work, and people’s decision-making skills are different regardless of the weight of the decision needed to make. To some, to an extent, it is exhausting.

The word “decision” also has an unidentifiable aura that gives people intense pressure to construct good decisions and make the right decisions. A research study conducted in the United Kingdom shows that people wanted to do good at their job, impress their bosses, and make good decisions at work. Naturally, workers would want to do their best shot at work by making good decisions for the company. But, to some people, those decisions are dragging them and holding them down because a decision can burden someone and cause them to have decision paralysis. They also overthink things. Regrets, “what ifs” in their minds, are constantly ringing on their head, and it stresses people out of their minds. As a result, they make mistakes, have bad work performance, delay the act of deciding, lose their confidence in their decision-making skills, and eventually fall into decision paralysis every time they have to pick choices.


How People Develop Decision Paralysis?

There is only one answer to this question. People with maximalist behavior or approach in solving, thinking, or deciding, also called maximizers. They are the ones who are likely to have decision paralysis. These people are extremely overthinking things before deciding on something to the point that they exhaust themselves before reaching or coming up with a decision. However, it doesn’t mean that people who are not maximizers do not have decision paralysis. It still depends on the person’s decision-making process and circumstances and the state of well-being of a person.


Tips on How to Overcome Decision Paralysis

One thing that people make when having decision paralysis is delaying the act of deciding to the next day, then the other day, and so on. They hid and ran away from the problem or decision, thinking it would go on, unfortunately not.  They also tell themselves that they won’t make any stupid decision unless they know everything and thought about it thoroughly. Making themselves submerged into the deep ocean of overthinking and stress themselves with it. Hence, here are valuable tips and suggestions on overcoming decision paralysis every time it acts up.


Having the Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is the most crucial step in overcoming decision paralysis. You have to think that you can overcome it. Be positive and claim the change you want! You can pass through it without an ounce of negativity in your body.


Develop the Habit of Fast Deciding

Whenever you have to decide on something, whether personal or not, do it right away. Don’t overthink things taking it longer than weeks and months. It doesn’t mean to decide as quickly as a lightning bolt. Instead, you can let it sit for like 2-3 days and decide on things accordingly.


Talk with Someone

If you are unsure and needed someone’s opinion or take on a specific matter, talk with your family or friends. They might help you come up with a decision. They are also good emotional support and kept you from overthinking and stressing over things.


Making decisions is what people do, and it makes people responsible and mature. Seldom making decisions is torture. Yet, it is an action people need to do to live and continue on living. It is alright to think things over and put effort into it before deciding. However, it is not healthy to consume all energy and exhaust oneself into pressuring themselves to come up with the “best” decision. There is no best nor perfect decision, only the right ones, and they come at you when you least stressing about it.

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